From player to coach: Lewis returns to his high school


Former Lamar Texan and Houston Texan player, Ira Lewis has reunited with his high school football team. Lewis played defensive tackle for the Baylor College football team. He then furthered his career in football with the Houston Texans NFL team playing defensive end.

Lewis attended Lamar and played alongside his team mates. However there have been some extreme changes in the way the school looks now.

“Lamar has changed a lot, the school looks great and we have a new weight room and a lot of improvements to the school so I like that a lot,” Lewis said.

Although Lamar looks completely different for Lewis now, some aspects have remained the same. Lewis is now coaching with some of the coaches that he used to be coached by on the field.

“There are some coaches at Lamar that are still here that have coached me,” explained Lewis.

Coach Chad Scholz is one of those coaches.

“I was here when Ira was a football player,” Scholz said. “Ira was always a leader and an excellent student. Ira’s level of maturity combined with his NFL playing experience is something that the football players should strive to achieve.”

Lewis played defensive line as an athlete for the Lamar football team and will help the athletes just like his former coaches once did for him.

“I will be coaching defensive line for the team,” said Lewis.

Scholz is confident that Lewis will greatly benefit the team.

“Ira Lewis is an excellent addition to an already very strong coaching staff,” Scholz said. “Although this will be his first year at Lamar, he adds another voice to the program. The students can never have enough good coaching mentors to help them on the field as well as off the field.”

Lewis has great intention and goals for the team to accomplish.

“I look forward to this season, helping out my school and getting the school back to the power house that it was,” said Lewis.