Enough is enough.

Enough is enough.

In the past month there have been two school shootings in Texas, instilling fear among many students. As gun laws get more lenient, the unease about feeling safe in school increases. 

Unfortunately, our country is no longer stranger to school shootings. According to CNN, since 2009 there have been 288 school shootings which is 288 more than there should have been.

At the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still dealing with the troubling epidemic of school shootings. 

The first shooting this month occurred at YES Prep Southwest on Oct. 1 when former student Dexter Kelsey shot his way inside the school and shot principal Eric Espinoza in the back. Kelsey has been charged with deadly conduct and aggravated assault against a public servant. 

While Kelsey may be facing the consequences of his actions, the students and faculty are still trying to heal from the trauma of what they witnessed. 

KHOU 11 reported that students were hiding for their lives amid the chaotic scene at their school, a place where they were supposed to be safe. 

The second shooting took place in Arlington, Texas at Timberview High School, leaving four people badly hurt, three of whom are recovering in the hospital. 

While the suspect is now in custody, for the 1,700 students present at the scene, the ordeal will not be over so quickly. 

It is possible to use poor mental health as an explanation on behalf of the shooters, which is a huge part of the problem with Texas’ new constitutional carry legislation as there are no background checks or permits required to carry a firearm.

There is nothing as distressing as knowing that there are millions of children all around the country and many children in the state of Texas that fear for their lives when attending school. 

The contentious debate over gun control is still ongoing and both sides have a firm stance and truly believe in their side, however, it is hard to understand how there can be such a divide when there are so many people dying at the hand of this weapon. 

No child should walk into school uncertain if it would be the last time. 

According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Violence Prevention, School shootings typically involve a mix of suicidal thoughts, despair and anger– plus access to guns. Schools are the right place to identify students at risk and who are in despair. Often there are signs of distress from the perpetrator that, when ignored, may pave the way for an extreme act of violence.

Schools have the responsibility of ensuring an environment that does not alienate anyone and allows for comfort when talking to peers and especially faculty.

Addressing the risk of violence with programs and policies such as reducing day-to-day aggression, decreasing isolation and mental health support systems is something that is vital for schools to do. 

Clearly, there are many factors in school shootings. However, it comes down to the fact that guns are accessible to people that should not possess guns, resulting in the deaths of innocent citizens and students.

Texas officials and many citizens advocate for pro-life legislature, and I agree. Let’s be pro-life by restricting the access to guns so that no more innocent children at school or anywhere else lose their life to a gun.