Varsity Boys Soccer Scores to Championship


Men’s Soccer Teaam with trophy.

Crowds cheered in the stands as the varsity boys soccer team scored goal after goal to secure victory after victory. After an intense season and 12 nail-biting, grueling district matches, the team finally won first place in districts. 

With 11 wins and one heartbreaking loss, the varsity boys soccer team achieved a near undefeated record in districts.  Although the team hoped for an undefeated season, a near-perfect season with 11 wins still remains a difficult, if not impossible, task for any team.

“We claimed the district trophies the second time we played Chavez,” junior Edgar Nuñez said before the final game. “We feel positive and we know that we can win.” 

Impressed with the team’s extraordinary performance, Head Coach Jeremy Davison explained that the team this year consists of a significant number of new players. 

“I have a young team with only six seniors. Compared to last year, when I had 16,” Davison said. “To be able to bring this team back and then perform so well is exciting.” 

When senior and Team Captain Jackson Meisenbach reflects on the challenges faced by the team over the past year, he also expressed his admiration of the teamwork. 

“We had a lot of missing spots in our roster. We didn’t know who some of our defenders were going to be,” Meisenbach said. “Then we’ve all found a way to fill those spots and play together really well.” 

As more seniors leave this year, Davison remains optimistic and hopes the team can continue to grow. Fortunately, not as many seniors will leave the team this year. 

“I think with the chemistry, it’s all going to get stronger and we’re going to add some of our younger pieces,” Davison said. 

A general consensus on the team is that team chemistry is a critical factor to success. Like other players on the team, dedicated athlete, junior Eric Romero, immediately noticed the team’s outstanding chemistry. 

“Our chemistry is pretty solid, we just bond really welI,” Romero said. 

Romero also feels positive and elated about the team’s near undefeated streak. 

“Districts have gone pretty well. We’ve won 11 games in a row,” Romero said. 

Davison observed a brotherhood and closeness amongst the players. Both on and off the field, the motto – family – propels the team forward.

“The team is a brotherhood and there’s a great bond with the guys,” Davison said. “Family is one of our mottos, we even have a T-shirt that says family.” 

Despite the phenomenal victory, Davison knows that the team can still improve. 

“We’re a fast team, so sometimes I think we play a little too fast. They hear me yell, ‘Hey, let’s slow down one step,’” Davison said. 

Nuñez feels Davison’s constant guidance helped the team reach the level of district champions. 

“Shoutout to Coach Davison, he really is the best coach in the district,” Nuñez said.