Benito Toscano named New Teacher of the Year


New teacher of the year Benito Toscano knows that student success is not attainable without good guidance and support, which he strives to provide to his math students. 

The teacher of the year award seeks teachers who have the respect and admiration of their students and who serve as role models within the community.

“Mr. Toscano is notorious for the energy and humor he brings into the classroom, keeping students engaged and helping students take ownership of their own education to help them obtain a positive outlook on mathematics,” senior Cyran Mireles said.  

Only the student can determine their personal success. Teachers will always be there for assistance but each student’s education is their own responsibility. Some of the things we may learn now can seem pointless, though this is not the case. 

“Toscano gives students a wider perspective on the subject. He teaches the mandated material, but provides insight as to why it is beneficial. Mireles said. “

When stepping into his classroom, students are excited to learn. Toscano takes a subject with a somewhat bad reputation and makes it fun and engaging to his students. It not only teaches useful materials but provides a further look from an outward perspective. 

This potentially answers the question of “when will I ever use this in my life?” because truthfully, there is math in everything. When you go to the store or work in a business office or even pay your bills. 

“I have loved math since I was a kid, as it always came more naturally to me,” Toscano said. “I totally stole this quote from Mean Girls but I love how math is the same in every country and every language.”

Receiving the new teacher of the year award has given Toscano the opportunity to reflect on his teaching skills and connections with his students in various ways as well as highlight his achievements. 

 “I think students see me as someone who works hard to help them understand a subject that has a very bad reputation,” Toscano said. “I always make time to try to talk to each of my students every now and then so that I can get to know them and form some relationships with the class. Especially coming off of COVID learning, I feel as though I’m just trying to have the kids feel a sense of normalcy.”