Kathryn Stone awarded Posse Scholarship


Student leadership pays off. This is clearly demonstrated by the successes of senior Kathryn “Lainie” Stone, who was one of only 829 students in the nation to be the recipient of a full tuition four-year college scholarship awarded by the Posse Foundation. Stone and nine other Houston-area high achieving student leaders were recruited by the foundation to be Posse Scholars in the 2022 freshman class at Colby College in Maine. 

Stone’s extraordinary leadership skills qualified her to be considered as a Posse scholarship recipient. In addition to her many extracurricular activities, she is a member of the National Honor Society, Computer Science National Honor Society, president of numerous clubs and has served as assistant editor of Lamar Life for the past three years. She believes her drive to be involved both in and outside of the classroom was largely responsible for paving the way to earning this prestigious scholarship. 

“At the end of the day, it’s a leadership scholarship, so I guess being a leader helped with that,” Stone said.

Lamar Life Magazine advisor, Kadee Harper, also echoed similar sentiments regarding Stone’s leadership abilities, praising her for being personable, a role model, and always striving for excellence. 

“With Stone’s determination, organization and interpersonal skills, it was no surprise that the Posse Foundation chose her,” Harper said. “Lainie is one of the most creative and enthusiastic students that I’ve ever taught.”

She’s achieved her goals for maintaining academic excellence and being a well rounded student. It is her belief that being personable and connecting with everyone she meets has benefited her in reaching these goals. 

“I had the pleasure of coaching her her freshman year in volleyball,” Harper said. “She was the heart of the team, the person who was always cheering everybody on, giving them pep talks and making sure they didn’t stay in their head.”

As graduation draws near, Stone is both excited and somewhat nervous about leaving friends and family behind as she heads to Colby College this fall. Despite the sudden changes taking place, Stone remains persevering and prepared as she plans out her next four years.

“I might double major in geoscience and environmental systems, and then maybe minor in visual arts or something around that realm,” Stone said.

After college graduation, she plans to earn a PhD and pursue a career in geosciences, specifically in relation to environmental sustainability. With her usual air of confidence and positive attitude, she’s looking forward to meeting new people at Colby and beginning an exciting new chapter in her life. 

“It’s going to be a good learning curve to tackle,” Stone said. “I’m also excited for the academics because it’s a rigorous school but I know that it’ll help me be a better student and will challenge me, so I’m excited for that.”