Broadcast journalism wins district-wide contest


The Broadcast Journalism department competed in the district-wide “When I Grow Up Contest” in which students from across HISD schools get the chance to highlight the career path of their choosing, winning first place with their entry. The broadcast journalism team chose to focus on a broader scope of possible careers, highlighting Lamar’s CTE pathways.

“It was pretty much just a video that we created and produced for the purpose of kind of showing off all the different pathways we have here at Lamar,” freshman Zoe Villaobos said. 

The broadcast team created a video game-esque documentary in which viewers were taken on a tour of the CTE pathway courses Lamar offers. Students working on the project went from class to class interviewing and recording students taking part in classes such as FFA, broadcasting and robotics. After about a week of documenting each pathway, broadcast students Zoe Villaobos, Vanna Truong and Emily Leong came together to edit each clip and create the competition’s first place winning video.

“We decided to highlight three of the pathways we offer here and for about a week we went around and got footage and interviews from students in those classes and when we edited we kind of themed it like a video game, so we did little animations and sound effects so it was like you were really playing a video game,” Villalobos said. 

The team was student-led, with broadcast journalism teacher Raymond Gayle advising. Throughout the year students learn various editing and broadcasting techniques, which they applied in their video. The class features multiple lessons in film, interviewing and video editing techniques.

“All the editing and animation was based on what we had learned this year. My partner Vanna came up with most of the ideas like all the themes and I did most of the editing and animations,”  said Villalobos.

The team’s final product involved careful planning and creative thought. 

“We definitely took the time to plan it all out and we really worked hard to make it something that was cool,” said Viallabos.