The HUB to Canvas Transition

Elizabeth Kortum, Staff Writer

On Aug. 23, students were introduced to a new learning platform, Canvas. The goal of transitioning from the Hub to Canvas was to help students access assignments more efficiently and increase overall convenience for students and teachers.

“HISD made the decision to switch from the HUB to Canvas,” Principal Rita Graves said. “They felt Canvas would better serve us.”

For many students, the transition to Canvas was difficult due to the fact that it was an entirely new platform.

“The transition was difficult at first but Canvas is getting smoother and a lot easier to use,” junior Isabella Gallardo said. 

Despite the overwhelming similarities, the Hub was considered much easier to use. Even though the Hub was favored by many, HISD still made the decision to transition to Canvas.  

“The Hub made submitting assignments super easy and Canvas doesn’t,” Gallardo said. “Canvas is really difficult to use but Canvas can give you notifications about new or old assignments as well.”

Canvas is now being used for all levels of education in HISD. On the other hand, the Hub will continue to be used in numerous districts across the country.

“The Hub still exists and is used by other districts,” Graves said. “Each school district purchases a system that best supports their work.”

Fortunately, not all students believe the transition negatively harmed them or made it more challenging to turn in assignments.

“Canvas is definitely easier and not hard at all,” senior Autumn Ketchum said. “I can see where my assignments are more clearly and they are organized.”

As the year progresses, the administration hopes that students and teachers will start to form more positive opinions about Canvas. The eventual goal is for the mixed opinions to turn into one opinion, that everyone finds Canvas easier to use and a better suit for the school.

“Canvas is very similar to the way the Hub works, there’s just a few small differences that everyone is still trying to figure out,” Gallardo said.