Park saves life with quick thinking


People always ask, “Can one person really make a difference?” Well, senior Alex Park proved that one person can indeed make all the difference.

Park is a student athlete who is the captain of the rugby team and also participates in football. He is not only a great player on the field but also in his everyday life.

“He is a hero,” Park’s football coach Chad Scholz said.

While driving to the movies, Park saw a man suffering underneath a truck after being hit by it.

“I was getting out of my car at the same time that the driver of the truck was getting out. It was a pretty intense moment,” Park said. “I went and checked on the guy and he was pretty banged up.”

In this situation, Park had to take leadership.

“The truck driver was freaking out so I instructed him to stay calm and call 911,” Park said.

Park was able to react quickly and do the right thing.

“I got a shirt from my car and wrapped it around his head to try to stop some bleeding. He was coming in and out of consciousness so I told him to stay still as we waited for the ambulance to arrive,” Park said.

This was not a simple task that anyone could have done. Park’s prior learning from Eagle Scout training came in handy and saved the man’s life. 

“I am an Eagle Scout and we do the first aid merit badge in order to become an Eagle Scout so I learned all through that,” Park said.

Not everyone would have done the amazing thing that Park did when put in the same scenario.

“It all was just reactionary. I wasn’t really thinking I was just doing what I knew to do,” Park said. “That’s just the right thing to do, stopping and helping people in need.”

That’s just the right thing to do, stopping and helping people in need.”

— Alex Park

Weeks after the accident, Park and his family contacted the man to find out that it had been KPRC2 (a local news channel) news reporter Brandon Walker, that Park had saved.

“I realize this is a long post, but my heart overflows with gratitude. I had to share. Even more, I had to introduce y’all to my newest little brother,” Walker posted on Facebook following his meeting with Park weeks after his accident.

His coaches were not surprised that Park was the one who helped out, even if he could have made the choice to not get involved.

“I have known Alex for a while now and Alex would be the first one to step in and help someone when they need help. He is a super kid and as his coach, I was proud when I heard what he had done,” Scholz said.

Park’s one decision changed the life of that man forever.

“God bless you, Alex,” Walker posted.