I know the unknown

In darkness I know

My eyes, blinded without light

My ears, roaring with silence 

Desperately grasping, trying to feel 

But the deadening palpitation overwhelms

The fear is setting in


It’s coming

I’m sure of it

It’s the unsubstantiated assurance

The numbing sensation of trust and faith, simply knowing – assuming – believing 

Every reasonable thought destroyed – overwhelmed by the odd feeling of tranquility

I consume fear


The anticipation sends shivers down my back 

Like ice water shooting through my body

The chills so excruciatingly refreshing 


I close my eyes and relax

It’s time

There is no logic involved, no reason – nothing 

Just us

Nothing else matters 

His vision becomes my destiny, my body his weapon 

We are one

We move in darkness, silently slicing through the air, but roaring as we hit the ground 

We are unstoppable, undeniable – it’s inevitable

We flow as one – firm yet fluid – never once stopping to look back 


For the first time in forever I felt alive

It was a fleeting moment, a single flash  

One we shared together 

We dissolve into pieces, the only semblance of our journey the carnage left behind 

For now, I am alone

But together, we are darkness.