Charles Luke

Charles Luke, Staff Writer


Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Graduating Class


What I Do 

Writer, photographer

What excites me about Lamar Life

What excites me is probably the projects. Normally projects are boring, but here, it is more guided towards knowledge that benefits you and others, or even opens a door for a future career.

Interesting Fact

You could say I watch movies a little bit too much. As I would like to start working on screenplays and eventually produce short or feature films soon.

Most Important Life Lesson Learned

Be the best version of yourself.

Favorite Movie

I would have to put “Star Wars,” More specifically, “Return of the Jedi,” before anything else. As of that, I would say my favorite standalone film is “Arrival.” Almost tying with “I am Legend,” “Parasite,” “Shutter Island,” and “Joker.”

Favorite Book

“Ready Player One”, “IT”, “Armada”. Not sure.

What I Like About Working for Lamar Life

What I like, is that I have the freedom to do more than just one thing. Whether it is photography to graphic design, I can do it in this class.

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Charles Luke