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Welcome to Lamar High School’s news publication Lamar Life. We cover all things Lamar, bringing you up-to-date news, opinions, and features, along with photos and videos. As well as this online news publication, we print full-color magazines, which are available to all on campus. Our student-led staff write and edit all articles, striving to bring you the objective and accurate story of Lamar. With a circulation of over 3,000 students, staff, and parent readers, we are the voice of Lamar High School.

2020-2021 Editor-in-Chief: Lauren Koong[email protected]

Faculty Advisor: Kadee Harper[email protected]

Staff Applications:

If you would like to join the Lamar Life staff, please email our advisor Kadee Harper. We are looking for hardworking students who want to learn about journalism and can handle the responsibility of being a reporter or editor. Lamar Life writers also enter various UIL journalism competitions and have the opportunity to compete at a state-wide level. Join us in writing about the topics that matter and make your mark on Lamar.

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We would like to say a special thank you to the Lamar PTO for their support, which allowed us to bring Lamar Life online.

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