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Excerpt from Moonlight (2016)

Lack of Representation in Media for Queer People of Color

Sofia Munoz, Staff Writer Feb 27, 2022

It has been around 127 years since the first movie came out and 95 years since the first talking movie was released. Yet it has only been in these last couple years that queer characters were added to mainstream media and even less since they were represented as actual people and not just token characters...

Who Will Win/Should Win an Oscar?

Who Will Win/Should Win an Oscar?

Ben Newmann, Staff Writer Feb 27, 2022

The Academy award nominations were announced on the morning of Tuesday February 8 and are to be held in late March of this year. As always the Academy sets out to recognize the best of film and as always not all of the nominees are up to snuff. So here is your guide to seeing what will win and what should...

Rue Bennett from Euphoria.

Does Euphoria Glamorize Drugs?

Elise Barnette, Staff Writer Feb 27, 2022

Euphoria is a popular teen drama created and written by Sam Levinson. The show follows 17-year-old Rue Bennett, who’s caught up in the endless cycle of drug addiction. Euphoria has brought to light many problems and struggles that teens deal with on a daily basis. Though one of the most common themes...

Another Valentines Day

Another Valentine’s Day

Mikal Nazarani, Staff Writer Feb 27, 2022

Everybody has an opinion about Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single or taken, you will have an opinion about Valentine’s Day, and you will make sure those around you know of what you think is an incredibly necessary and original opinion. Like the current state of political America, chances are...

Inside one of the neighborhoods.

Perspectives on Lamar’s innovative “neighborhoods”

Elise Barnette, Staff Writer Feb 15, 2022

There are at least 52 high schools in HISD, many of which, like Lamar, have large campuses and student bodies. Lamar, however, has distinguished itself from the other large schools in several important ways, perhaps the most noticeable being the structure of its unique learning environment. Lamar’s...

Characters of House of Gucci.

What there is to love and hate about House of Gucci

Sofia Munoz, Staff Writer Feb 1, 2022

House of Gucci, a movie named after the 2000’s book it was based on, is directed by Ridley Scott and retells the story of the Gucci economic affairs and family feuds.  Aside from focusing on Maurizio Gucci’s relationship with his wife, the film shows how Rodolfo and Aldo Gucci managed the company...

Complex depiction of cyber activities.

Cyber Security in the Digital Age

Kayla Pearl, Staff Writer Jan 27, 2022

For the past five years, I had been growing my Instagram account, posting pictures from different points in my life and following many people along the way. As much as I hated to admit it, my online life had somewhat merged into my real life. I enjoyed posting on Instagram, checking out all the posts...

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