Band performs holiday concert at Levy Park


With the holidays right around the corner, band and orchestra partnered with Levy Park to host a winter concert for the community to settle down and enjoy some music on December 17. They performed seasonal favorites, to boost the spirit during this dark time.

“This was a fantastic opportunity. I could not be more thankful that we had enough people to get together, that Levy Park gave us the space for free and that the crowd was so appreciative of what we were doing,” said Matthew Seifert, the band director.

The aim of the band is to compose original and special experiences for not only the students, but also for their audience. Being a part of this organization, offers a satisfaction that cannot be received through anything else. Musical excellence comes easily while being a part of this community.

“I like that we got to perform in the holiday concert because it means a lot to be able to help our community out during times as tough as this,” sophomore french horn player Joshua Natelson said.

Although the virus is still taking its toll on many things, the band still played to the best of their ability and were grateful for the time they got to perform together in front of many people.

Performing during this virus makes playing as a band feel different, because there is less room for error when a band is prepared to play but, getting prepared at that level is difficult for this group, as they don’t see or hear how everyone sounds together until rehearsals, or at times, before a game sometimes.

“Because of the virus, we could not have everyone perform, so the instrumentation was different for parts so it sounded different,” Natelson said.

The holiday concert was a success to say the least.

“It was a woderful community experience and it showcased the students in an excellent way and was a highlight of what we could do,” said Seifert.