It was as if you floated above me
In my sight
In my mind
The shadow of you hovering over my bones
The warmth of your breath on my neck

I could feel you but you were still hovering
Just out of reach
I could feel the warmth of your breath but it was too far away and I still froze

Sparks flew but a fire didn’t grow
Instead smoke rose and I choked
My breath hitched in the back of my throat and I fell
And you caught me
But you didn’t pull me up to you
You held me above the ground
And I was never able to rise up to you
I wanted to fall
And I hoped you’d catch me
But you pushed me instead

You met me
You saw the parts you liked
So you cut me up
And sewed all the good in to a beautiful tapestry

And burned the rest

You sent for butterflies to invade my stomach filling me up until i was so light i floated up to the sun
I felt my body burn starting from deep in my heart
And suddenly i forgot how it felt to feel numb

But then my skin started to blister and crack
My eyes went black
And I don’t remember what happened next
I just remember nothing being the same
Because you liked me when I was a spark but not a flame