Versace, Versace, Versace


Photo By: Vogue

Versace introduced their first monogram, La Greca, in their Fall-Winter 2021 ready-to-wear collection. The collection was a huge success since it grabbed the attention of social media users and was even trending for some time.

The collection was broadcasted digitally, taking place in a vertical maze-like wooden structure, with tiers in which the models would stand on and pose while showcasing their looks. The collection displayed the La Greca monogram in bags, head pieces, socks, tights and jewelry.

This monogram is a huge step for the brand, not only signifying the new start of the brand two years after it was sold but it also allows the brand to compete with others in the classic branding market. Versace has several logos, the Versace Medusa and the Barocco V being some of the more well known ones, though unlike brands like Dior and Fendi, Versace used to lack a distinctive pattern.

The collection had a variety of color palettes. The six opening looks were black- some with grey to create contrast with the monogram. Although the colors and fabrics used on the women’s collection were the same as the ones for men’s wear, the silhouettes, the cuts, and the styling of their clothing made them stand out.

“I think men’s collections are normally overshadowed by women’s collections because fashion is normally rather centered around women,” treasurer of the Fashion Club Annabel Lane said. “However, I did quite enjoy some of the pieces in the men’s collection.”

“I thought Versace did a very good job of making both the men’s and women’s collections detailed, extravagant and unique,” co-president of the Fashion Club Skylar Park said.

The highlight of this collection were the shoes worn by Mica Arganaraz, Bella Hadid and Rianne van Rompaey, (looks 34-36). The three models wore outfits with a similar cut, yet each different in their own way. Arganaraz wore a two piece outfit that was fully orange, Hadid wore a fuschia sleeveless mini-dress and Rompaey wore a short-sleeved dress in yellow. All of them wore stockings with the monogram imprinted in them. Regardless of the clothes the chunky platform heels worn gained attention for resembling the shoes worn by the Bratz Dolls.

“I think the nostalgia of those fashion forward dolls really plays into their popularity,” member of the Fashion Club, Olivia LynesDeLuna said.

In the last three years or so these heels have gained popularity.

“They add dimension to the outfits as well as more detail,” Park explained. “They also can give the person wearing them a taller look.”

“I think the shoes became so popular because the 90’s are definitely recirculating in the fashion world,” Lane said. “Platforms were a very central part of the 90’s look, so these shoes were very well received because they are on trend and statement pieces.”

The shoes balanced out the silhouettes of the models and brightened the looks.

“They added a nice texture to the clothing while not being too distracting,” Park said.

Despite the efforts to enter the branding market and the immense popularity of some of the items in the collection, some find it repetitive.

“Initially, I didn’t really like the collection very much because I found it to be a little bit lackluster compared to the other collections Versace has been doing lately,” Lane said.