LHS Fest was a success


All year, seniors anticipated LHS Fest, the alternative to prom that was organized by the Parent-Teacher Organization, or PTO, with a $70,000 budget. 

However, on the day of the event, Houston faced stormy weather, with on-and-off rain, leading students to question whether or not the event would still go on. Becky Zavala, a PTO member, and her peers had to pull some strings last minute to ensure the event would be adaptable to the weather and still enjoyable to the students.

“The committee was extremely concerned about the weather; we constantly monitored the radar and we revised our plans several times to accommodate any impact that rain would have on the event. We also ordered ponchos last minute to help. And I I think the tents really provided shelter and allowed the kids to still have fun regardless of the rain. We also were lucky and got a couple of hours of no rain,” Zavala said.

Despite the weather, hundreds of seniors still showed up, many of them seeing each other for the first time in over a year. 

“It feels like we are finally done with the pandemic. Being able to go to huge gatherings and see friends I haven’t seen in over a year gave me 2019 vibes,” senior Alayana Basurto-Sanchez said.

LHS Fest was far from the traditional prom. Instead of having a stereotypical dress code of tuxedos and gowns, LHS Fest offered a carnival-like experience with various rides and games where you can earn prizes.

“LHS fest did not have the traditional prom feel. I really wanted to bring a date and dance like a normal prom but considering the circumstances we were in, LHS fest was definitely the best option available. I never would have thought that I would be riding different rides while wearing a poncho, but 2020 was able to make that possible and I am grateful for that,” Basurto-Sanchez said.

With a $70,000 budget and many different COVID restrictions in place, most seniors feel that LHS Fest was a fun alternative to prom. 

“LHS fest was very well organized and planned,” senior Annice Applewhite said. “In my opinion, I think it was better than a traditional prom because it was less formal and had more activities. Being able to see some of my friends I have not been able to see for over a year was very exciting. Overall, I am happy that we were the one and only class to be able to experience such a different, but fun prom.”