Miraculous Ladybug is not exempt from criticism

During the pandemic, Miraculous Ladybug rose in popularity. However, because it is technically a children’s show, it has avoided most criticism, despite lacking in plot development. Miraculous Ladybug is a show obviously aimed at a younger audience, but despite this show being labeled as a “Kids show” I think it still deserves some basic criticism like every other form of media.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is one of the main characters of the show along with Adrien Agreste, marinette is introduced as clumsy, kind and lovestruck but as the show progresses Marinette’s crush on Adrien starts looking more like obsessive behavior and that doesn’t seem like a good message to show to a young impressionable audience. She has literally stacked a ton of trash cans to spy on Adrien studying with another classmate and then when she was caught the firemen literally helped her out and when she asked Juleka for help since she needed someone to model for her, but Juleka was pretty anxious during the first modeling attempt but instead of Marinette trying to help Juleka calm down she just replaced her so she could model with Adrien and this action ended up getting Juleka akumatized.

The show has plenty of potential but yet the writers don’t use the potential correctly, Chloe is probably the most developed character cause we can see a bit of her backstory which explains the reason why she does mean and sometimes reckless things. She grew up in a household where her mother didn’t seem to show any love to her and her father gave her everything she wanted, her backstory explains why she was so clingy to Adrien and eager to show off herself when she had a hold of the bee miraculous, Butt they never use Chloe’s character to its fullest potential or even just regress in her character

Marinette’s stalker behavior being portrayed as “Cute” and Chloe’s character development being wasted potential or downright ignored are just few of the many criticisms I’d like to make about this show, once again I don’t expect amazing character development for each and every side character in the story but if they are going to start something that seems interesting then they should be encouraged to progress it and not just suddenly start conflicting themselves or just ignoring what’s going on with their show. Kids shows aren’t exempt from criticism and it deserves its fair share of feedback.