Let’s go back to Old Lamar


The inside of a neighborhood

The Neighborhood System was introduced at Lamar High School during the 2019-2020 school year by former principal Dr. McSwain. Normally, schools would have separate rooms for each class, but not at this school. Here, the students are placed in neighborhoods, one big room, and they have most of their classes in that room. 

I personally do not like the neighborhood system. Since the classes are in one big room, they interfere with each other in many ways. The system also separates the students and puts them in different neighborhoods. Once you are put in a neighborhood you can’t switch out of it.

There is nothing dividing the classes in each neighborhood, so getting distracted can easily happen. Sounds from videos playing in another class, and noises from off task students in the neighborhood can easily be heard. It can be impossible to hear your own teacher, or focus on your class when there’s other classes right next to you.

Since the grades are separated into neighborhoods, you’re less likely to have your friends be in the same neighborhood as you. For example, I am in tenth grade and the grade is separated into neighborhood 10A, 10B, 10C, and 10D. Some of my friends are in 10A, while I am in 10B, which sucks because I don’t have any classes with them, and I barely get to see them. While being in neighborhoods, you also miss the opportunity to make friends with people that aren’t in your neighborhood.

 Instead of having a neighborhood system, we should go back to the regular system where each class had their own rooms. This way, the classes won’t interfere with each other, and students in each grade won’t get separated. With these neighborhoods, it doesn’t feel like the grades are as unified as they should be.