Review: Jacquemus’ fall ready-to-wear collection

Installation, Look 11 Mica Argañaraz

Photo By: Jacquemus

Installation, Look 11 Mica Argañaraz

Jacquemus has finally returned to the fashion scene after a year with La Montagne, the perfect fall ready-to-wear collection.

With the show’s name being French for ‘The Mountain’, one might expect it to take place in a setting like the Alps, however Simon Porte Jacquemus, founder and creative director of the brand, shocked everyone by holding the show indoors in a green prairie-like installation.

The installation was something experimental but well executed and it created a sense of nature and peace while fully displaying the collection.

The concept for this collection was crafted during lockdown, which gave the designers and Porte Jacquemus a chance to experiment with the clothing and accessories.

Look 1, Loli Bahia (Jacquemus)

Loli Bahia opened the show wearing a sand-colored two-piece suit paired with a contrasting orange bag, introducing the color scheme for the show: light browns followed by greens, yellows, pinks, reds, black and darker shades.The lineup for the show was meant to gradually change colors starting with light brown, having dark green in the middle, and ending in black. 

The collection was full of crop tops, short and long sleeves, loose pants and puffer jackets, making it perfect for autumn. The short skin tight tops were balanced out by the big, flared pants and brought together by the cute faux fur slippers and heels. In contrast the men’s footwear, which consisted of brown and green boot-like sneakers, made the looks mismatched and unbalanced. 

The garments were paired with the infamous Chiquito bag, the brand’s signature miniature bag that has been worn by Lizzo, Rihanna, and other celebrities, as well as furry handbags, shoulder bags, and leather bags that all had different and bright colors. Jewelry was mainly hoop earrings of varying sizes with bracelets and other earrings of fun textures and shapes.

Look 4, Maty Fall (Jacquemus)

Jacquemus stands out from other luxury brands for being an inclusive and diverse brand which was highlighted by this show. Not only did they have a wide range of clothing sizes but they had models with different skin-colors, size,body type and ethnicity. 

Other than the range of models, some pieces of the collection itself are gender neutral. Look 19 worn by Jonas Gloer was a two-piece matching jacket and trousers outfit with an orange and blue flower print and a short top, similar to a bralette usually found in women’s clothing.

Jacquemus represents a youthful, emotional and experimental side of the fashion scene, making people anticipate the following collection with high expectations.