Treat Earth with Kindness

Over the past 10 years, the increase in climate change and the earth’s well being has gone through the roof. Whether its glaciers melting in Antarctica, pollution in the air, or even trash on the beach, the earth is clearly not at its best.  Our world is crashing, and we need to help.  

Climate change is possibly one of the biggest things that is harming the earth now. To start, climate change is large-scale shifts in weather patterns. It has many negative affects such as change in rainfall patterns, depletion of Arctic ice, wildfires, loss of wildlife, and many more. 

Things that cause climate change are greenhouse gases, deforestation, volcanic eruptions, and even human activity. This is why we need to step up and help our planet.

“I think the environment right now is really bad, and we need to start taking action to help benefit the world for our future generations,” sophomore Sophia Reusser said. 

So, what can you do to help? There are many things that take minimum effort that can benefit our environment. You can pick up your trash, maybe volunteer and help all around. Reduce reuse and recycle is also and good way to help. Recycling is very benefiting to the environment because we aren’t putting plastic or glass in the ocean, instead we are reusing it and turning it into something new.

If you’re too busy to physically help, spreading the word is a great runner up. The more we spread the word about what’s going on the more people will know about it and try to help. Even sharing a post on Instagram will help spread the information. 

Now here’s the question- why should we help? If we protect our environment, we can save so much. We’ll be saving our ecosystems, our wildlife, our humanity, and we are giving back to our generation and the future. 

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