Movie Review: He’s All That

Movie Review: Hes All That

Photo By: Netflix

Spoiler warning!

A remake of the original movie She’s All That starring TikTok sensation Addison Rae as Padget Sawyer and Tanner Bauchman as Cameron Kweller. The plot starts off with Padget being humiliated on Instagram Live and taking on a bet where she has to turn Cameron into Prom King in an attempt to recover her reputation.

 The movie didn’t start off with a great reputation when the trailer was released, showing Addison playing the main character. There was much controversy over casting Addison, because many thought it was unfair for her to get the part over a trained actress. Many deemed the movie as trash before it was even released because of Addison’s content on TikTok. Many people said she has no talent for acting when all she does is dance for videos. They weren’t…entirely wrong. 

Throughout the movie, Addison plays her lines very stiff and emotionless making the scenes more hilarious than whatever emotion she was supposed to portray. Her facial expressions also did not help make the scenes any more believable. That was one main flaw.  

Another flaw was viewers noticing how poorly edited the movie was. The green screen editing cutting off her hand in the beginning scene where she was performing and another scene where she’s passing out papers, it can be seen that she actually isn’t. In another scene, she “wipes off” her makeup however it was still there when she went live seconds later. 

In the original She’s All That, which was made in 1999, the roles are actually switched, a school jock (Zack Siler) turning an unattractive girl (Laney Boggs) into a prom queen.  

When putting the original and remake side to side, they both had similarities and differences. One similarity was that they both had the line, “Am I a f–cking bet!”, screamed by Laney and Cameron. 

There’s seemingly more differences than similarities between the two versions though. Some scenes were not even in the new movie and made into something else, for example, the punishment for the bet. The original punishment was for the loser to graduate naked, and in the new one the losers got the word “loser” tattooed on their arms. 

Overall, the remake was poorly made and comical while the original is a classic 2000’s movie. In terms of which is the better movie, nothing can beat the original.