Students show support for Astros with spirit day


Freshman Paul Nuval and sophomore Emma Bagley pose in their Astros gear

Oct. 7 marked the first game in the playoffs for the Astros vs the White Sox in the ALDS and Lamar students and faculty demonstrated their support for their team by wearing orange and blue to school on Astros Spirit Day.

HISD Superintendent Millard House II invited all HISD students and faculty to wear orange and blue clothing to school to show their support for the Astros.

“All students and members of Team HISD are encouraged to show their support to the Astros by sporting orange and blue along with jeans on Thursday,” House II wrote in an email to all HISD staff and students.

Students and faculty showed up for the occasion. Many students and staff members wore their Astros attire and showed support for their team, with many very excited to represent their team.

“I have been playing baseball my whole life and I always represent my city and support my team so I was excited to wear my Astros shirt to school today so that I could show my support,” freshman Josiah Richardson said.

Many Astros fans at school were overjoyed to have the opportunity to show their love for the Astros and experience the connectedness of being fans as they could not watch the game.

“I won’t be able to watch the first two innings of the game as it starts at around three o’clock and I’ll still be in school, but I am happy to feel the spirit here at school,” Richardson said.

Some students, while not the biggest baseball fans, were still excited to wear their Astros shirts to school as they could show their support and get a break from their regular uniform.

“Any excuse not to wear my uniform I will gladly take,” sophomore Baily Perry said. “But I am rooting for the Astros tonight and I’m keeping the spirit up today.”

The spirit in school was high and many people expressed the power of connecting with their community as fans.

“I love the Astros and I love my city,” sophomore Rowan Darroch said. “Since I couldn’t go to the game because of school, I was excited to wear my jersey and show my support with the other Astros fans.”

The positive spirit felt in school was evident and the excitement escalated, with the community celebrating together on Friday after the Astros defeated the White Sox.

“We understand the power of community and how our sports teams can bring us together, and we want to send all that positive energy to the Astros, as they look to become World Series champions once again,” House II wrote.