Field Hockey wins their first game


After a five+ year losing streak, the girls field hockey team has finally won their first game. 

The field hockey team played against Memorial High School, and they won two to zero. This is a huge accomplishment for the team because not only have they never won a game, but last year, they only scored one goal in the entire season. 

“I loved that we won the game. It gave me some reassurance knowing that everyone wants it just as bad as I do,” sophomore Delaina McDaniel said.

This win is a push for the field hockey girls to either score or win again. It’s easier now because they know it’s possible and they can do it again in the future. 

“I think the communication and the drive through the game was one of the reasons why we won,” McDaniel said. “It was also the way we all knew that we could win, and we all dug deep was another reason for the win.” 

Everyone on the team was happy about the win and it seems like all their hard work is finally paying off. 

“In the past field hockey has been more of a social sport, but now I feel like everyone puts in more effort while still keeping it fun,” senior Mackenzie Gill said. 

There have been lots of improvements to the team this year. All the girls on the team, new or old, have improved one way or another. Along with improving in skill, the field hockey team has also come closer together. 

“Everyone has started coming together as a team more and the communication is really improving,” said Gill. 

Being a new member to a team can be stressful, and cause pressure, especially when making varsity. Luckily, according to Gill, all the new girls are learning from both the coaches and the seasoned players. 

This year, McDaniel is playing for the field hockey team, bringing seven years of experience to the team. 

“I haven’t been around the team for long considering this is my first year playing for Lamar, but from what I can tell, I know we used to suck, but I actually think we are doing a lot better than before,” McDaniel said. 

Like Gill, McDaniel thinks the team is more focused on wanting to win than not caring, and she hoped this year would be different- and it turns out she was right. 

Another addition to this year’s field hockey team is new coaches. 

“I loved our last coach, but the new coaches are better connected to Houston field hockey since they also coach for Velocity,” Gill said.  “I think this has really helped us improve our game because we know a little more about competition.”