Marching Band heads to US Bands Remo Invitational


Photo By: Lamar Band

The band and color guard are performing their last competition for the marching season this week on Saturday, Nov. 6. They will be at Mustang Stadium with their performance called “Something Wicked This Way Comes” to show off all of their hard work.

To prepare and get ready for an event like this, the directors Matthew Seifert and Elman Quintero spend many hours planning the performance to present to the team. Once presented, the band and color guard have practice it and changes are made to improve throughout the process in attempts to score high at this invitational. 

“ I have seen the hard work that not only the color guard but the band and I truly believe that we have what it takes,” color guard director Elman Quintero said.

When it comes to final scoring in band and color guard a score of one is truly a difficult task. It is the highest score a team can receive and the level of competitiveness is high. This can be a benefit to drive teams to find perfection or a negative that results in teams breaking from stress. 

“I think to be able to earn this one we really need to understand that this is a group effort and we all need to be here,” color guard section leader Verni Hickerson said. “We shouldn’t crack under pressure and just remember to have dedication, but not let it be your downfall.” 

It’s no small feat to perform the perfect routine especially when people are absent, the weather is unpredictable and adjustments are made throughout the process. The majority of the band and color guard are freshman and sophomore students, which puts more responsibility on the upperclassmen to teach them.

“In this program, we use muscle memory when we are on the field so when people are not here or something gets changed, then we would have to adjust to that and it is basically going against our muscle memory,” drum major Zoe Newson said.

This entire marching season has been full of hard work and stress, all band and color guard members can’t wait to show off what they have been working on for months. You can come out to Mustang Stadium on Nov. 6 and support the team in their final performance as a marching band. 

 “This performance really does determine what we need to work on and what to improve on so it will be great to have as much support as we can get,” Brass Player Hazel Castellano said.