Students at Work


Being in high school gives students many opportunities to gain real life experience such as getting a part time job.
Students can work for many reasons, whether it be getting pocket money or helping their families.

“I applied for a job because I wanted to be more independent,” junior Val Cazares said. “Sometimes it felt awkward to keep asking my parents for money when I wanted to buy something.”

Cazares has worked at a Teahouse for the past five months and has enjoyed the experience.

“After my second month working there, I really felt like I was fully comfortable with working there. My coworkers are
all amazing and they truly make it fun to work there even with the stress that comes with the job,” Cazares said.

However, working while attending school can be difficult, as school is a stress factor for students. Finding a good balance can become very difficult.

“Handling stress is already hard enough because you get loads of school work and then you have even more responsibilities with a job but I have learned that keeping on task is a great way to avoid stress because later on I won’t have to deal with procrastination,” said Carzares. “I also take at least an hour for myself every day to just be and scroll on my phone or watch something on tv, do some skincare, listen to music, maybe read something.”

Some students may not think that getting a job in high school would be ideal, however it does come with its advantages.

“It has provided me with a sense of independence,” said Carzres. “It has also helped me with my social skills because I’m always talking to customers.”

Along with advantages, there are the downsides.

“My main disadvantage is getting up really early and standing for a long period of time,” junior Sung Khim who has worked at a sushi store for a year and a half said.

Despite all the challenges that come with having a job, it is very rewarding.

“Overall, it has been a great experience for me and I feel like getting a job really helps high schoolers be more mature,” Cazares said.