Leading Ladies: Service, leadership and friendship all in one


Lilllian Dowe, Bella Griffith and Fiona Massey volunteer at a Leading Ladies event with Maya Sylvester Turner

Lamar offers a multitude of clubs and organizations that take place both on and off campus. Many of these clubs have some kind of volunteering aspect. One of these many organizations is an off campus club called Leading Ladies. Leading Ladies is an organization that calls upon young women looking to gain leadership skills and volunteering experience. Students involved get the opportunity to plan and organize volunteering events and fulfill leadership roles within the organization. 

“I would say the purpose is service because almost everything we do is volunteer-oriented or some kind of fundraiser for the organization,” sophomore Saachi Johnson said.

Leading Ladies has monthly club meetings every third Tuesday of the month. Meetings usually consist of members bouncing ideas and planning the next possible event and from there members are given the chance to chair, which is a student volunteer who is in charge of making sure people come to events, setting up and general responsibilities as far as whatever event is being chaired.

“Someone will usually volunteer to chair the event, which is basically to get people to show up and essentially running the event,” Johnson said.

Aside from the volunteering opportunities that Leading Ladies offers, the organization also offers numerous leadership roles within the club. Students have the opportunity to become club president.In order to become president, the member vying for the role must show leadership qualities by showing up, charing events and just helping out with whatever is needed.Once chosen for the role students will be responsible for leading meetings and organizing events, as well as making sure people attend meetings,volunteer opportunities,and whatever events that are being held.

“There’s like different roles. I’m just a general member, which is just like you go to meetings and help plan volunteering opportunities,” sophomore Danica Oporto said.

Overall, leading as an organization offers a multitude of positive opportunities for students.

“It’s really good for colleges and all that but it’s just a lot of fun and I mean, I think helping out and volunteering is just really good for you in general,” Oporto said.