Always on Pointe: Throughout the years with Hannah Cherry


Eyes focused, hands steady and smiles ready.

     This type of focus has been the norm for senior Hannah Cherry, the Rangerettes Lieutenant Colonel. From an early age, Cherry felt drawn to dance because of the numerous benefits and unforgettable experience.

     “Ever since I was younger, I’ve always loved dancing and expressing myself,” Cherry said.

     In eighth grade, Cherry’s life changed forever after she decided to try out for the Rangerettes.

     “I tried out for the ‘rettes’ in my eighth grade year because I thought it would be fun,” Cherry said. “Since then I’ve been on the team for four years.” 

     Within those four years, Cherry has matured with her dance skills and mindset. Senior Rangerette Sophia Clark mentions how Cherry has grown over the years.

     “Hannah is a great leader, she’s really grown a lot,” Clark said.      “She’s an amazing officer to everyone on the team.” 

     Cherry tried out and became a social officer but her dedication and hard work helped her secure the Lieutenant Colonel role.

     “In sophomore and junior year I was a social officer,” Cherry said. “Now I’m a Lieutenant Colonel. It took me a lot of hard work and perseverance to get where I am now.”

     Cherry enjoys seeing the team grow as much as possible and helps give her teammates confidence.

     “She definitely gives us confidence and hypes us up all the time,’’ sophomore Rangerettes member Julia Meier said. “She also tells us the right things to do and helps us out whenever we need it.”

     Next year, Cherry will attend her dream college, Louisiana State University (LSU). Although Cherry has a passion for dance, she will not pursue dance at the collegiate level.

     “I don’t plan on dancing in college,” Cherry said. “I loved my four years on ‘Rettes’ but I’m ready for a change.”

     Cherry shows love for her team and is grateful for the opportunity to help others. Member Danica Oporto mentions how her legacy will live on.

     “I think the team will miss her because she was a great example and showed others how to lead,” Oporto said. “Cherry will definitely be missed but she taught others how to lead the way.”

     While Cherry discovers new passions in college, nothing but encouragement comes from her teammates. Previous Colonel, Lauren Holcomb, gave Cherry some encouragement for her journey.

     “I’ve been blessed enough to watch her journey up close on the ‘rettes’ for three years,” Holcomb said. “I hope college brings her more opportunities to shine like she has on ‘rettes’ and a community of people she can count on. She’s going to do amazing things at LSU.”