Wrapping It Up: End of Softball Season


It is the end of yet another softball season, and with the new head coach Brandy Mardis leading the way this time around, there has been a significant improvement in performance and morale across the board!

“My favorite thing about the team is their team culture, they work hard, get along and have fun. They make being at practice each day enjoyable.” said Mardis.

“Personally my favorite part about the softball season was the tournaments, everyone was hyped especially when it would last all weekend.”  Returning JV softball player Genese Perez said.  

The season ended earlier this year in april with JV softball going against Bellaire at Meyerland park.” The hardest part of the season would have to be the end because the mentality goes down since it’s the end of the year. “Perez said.

Many of the team believe Coach Mardis was a contributing factor to their success, and returning players have seen her contrast in dedication with their team. “ One of the best things about the teams right now is that it feels like a family, the coaches are like parents,” Perez said.

The rookie players have even shown promise and hope for the upcoming softball seasons and every athlete on the team is putting in all the effort they can.We want to continue to improve in all aspects of our game and reach the 2nd round of the playoffs.” Mardis said.

With the softball season coming to an end, the team maintains their optimism for creating new and improved opportunities and programs for next year.”To anyone looking to join the team,be prepared to work hard.Our program is becoming more competitive with more talent,” Mardis said.