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Planting New Roots: Gardening Club


The Lamar community welcomes the new gardening club, with a flourishing population of roughly forty members. While getting the garden up and running is still an ongoing process, the co-presidents are excited and looking forward to bringing this new experience to students. 

Friends and co-presidents of the gardening club, senior Allison Cully and senior Ella Chilsholm, have faced and continue to face many challenges and successes along their journey in pursuing the new club.

“During quarantine, I needed a hobby,” Cully said. “I started getting really into plants, so I have a super big collection of my own at home and we were thinking that we could bring it to Lamar.”

So far, the club has been able to recruit members, set up a plan for the garden, draw it out and get measurements done for the building process of the garden but they have hit some roadblocks when it comes to the construction aspect of their plan.

“Getting it up and running has been pretty hard, as well as finding funding,” Cully said. 

While finding funding has been a struggle for the club, they have been able to brainstorm ideas to potentially get the help they need.

“We’re thinking about doing some things over weekends, doing events and having people come out and get together,” Cully said. “We’re going to need volunteers for when we start building because we’re not going to be able to hire somebody to come in and build these gardens for us. We’re going to be building them ourselves, which I think is a really awesome aspect of it.”

The gardening club plans on working closely with other organizations at the school such as Best Buddies and possibly the engineering department as well to make it accessible to everyone but it has been stressed there are some necessary actions that need to be taken in order to make this happen.

“Coordinating is the biggest challenge that we’ve faced because there are a lot of other clubs, organizations and people, such as Ms. Graves, that we have to collaborate with in order to make the garden happen,” Chisholm said.

As these seniors take action to plant new seeds at Lamar, they talk about their goals for the garden and what is expected to come in the future.

“With the garden, we’re really hoping that this is something that students can continue to work on as the years go by and eventually years down the line, there will be a big enough garden where we could grow mass amounts of vegetables that maybe culinary could use,” Chisholm said. “It’s just something that could stay at Lamar forever and hopefully end up as an iconic piece of Lamar.”

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