Signing on: Coleman is on the right track


Senior Maia Coleman has been running track ever since she was eight years old. She continues to this day and is on the track team. She works hard when it comes to track, and recently her efforts have been rewarded by her obtaining a scholarship from track.

This achievement has made both Coleman and her peers very proud. She will use this scholarship as a means to boost her in pursuing her career choice. She is very excited and wants to keep running track to see what other opportunities could potentially arise from it.

“I plan on looking forward to where college track will take me, I am very interested,” Coleman said. 

When she found out she was awarded a scholarship, she was overjoyed beyond words. 

“Well when I was given the scholarship, I was in the car. I screamed in my car and then I came home and told my people. It was really good; I was so excited,” Coleman said. 

As the first person in her family to be awarded a scholarship ever, it is no surprise that Coleman’s parents were just as proud and excited as she was. 

“They were so happy for me. They were like ‘That’s my baby!’” Coleman said. 

Coleman does plan on running track in the future, however not forever. She plans on just running track during college until she finally commits to fully pursuing her career as a veterinarian.

“I’m just going to run for my first 4 years in college and then I am going to vet school. Once it’s my senior year in college, I’m done,” she said. 

Coleman’s love for running track started at a young age, since the first time she stepped on a track. 

“I first started running when I was eight years old and I did like it. It was really fun because energy,” she said. 

Track has not only benefited Coleman with a scholarship, but also other valuable lessons. 

“Let’s just say throughout the years it has taught me a lot,” she said. 

Coleman plans on attending Sam Houston State University.

“When I was on my official visit, I really liked the coach’s energy, how he reacts with the athletes, and I felt like it was the best choice for me and I was going to like it,” Coleman said. 

Coleman’s coach thinks very highly of her as both an athlete and a person.

I think that she is a really good athlete. She is really competitive, and she has been doing a good job of being a leader to our other girls,” said track coach Gerrick Green. 

Green is aware of how much of a hard worker Coleman is, so it was no surprise to him that she earned a scholarship.

“I wasn’t surprised. Anytime an athlete puts in the time and the type of work she does, on and off the track, taking care of her academics. I believe if you work hard enough then you will be given this opportunity and rewarded for your hard work and dedication. I think she totally deserves it!”

Green used three key words to describe Coleman.

“Three words I would give her would be hard-working, competitive, and determined. She is a hard-working young lady, she is determined which you can tell through her workouts/demeanor, and she is super competitive which we see every day from her,” he said.