Burke’s future looks bright with soccer scholarship


Senior Justin Burke has been playing soccer ever since he was three years old. He currently plays on the school soccer team and recently, he was given a scholarship for playing the game he loves. 

The scholarship is an important milestone and serves as motivation for him to keep on playing soccer Having a scholarship has given Burke a boost in his future, even though he might not know what to do with it yet, he will carry on working hard both physically and academically while having scholarship ready when needed.

“I think I am just going to keep working on playing soccer and honestly working hard on my academics as well,” Burke said.

Receiving something like a scholarship is bound to impact someone’s life positively, and it does just that for Burke. He feels as though it was well deserved which shows where hard work and determination can lead to.

“It has impacted me positively. Well I think I have worked a long time; I have played soccer for most of my life and I am just very proud about it,” Burke said. 

When given something as big as a scholarship, a huge reaction is likely to occur. In this case, Burke was shocked, however he was more so was proud of the fact that his hard work finally payed off.

“I mean obviously I was shocked, but more than anything proud of myself for the hard work I have done,” he said. “(My parents) were also very proud because they know I have worked very hard for a long time for this.”

Soccer has really made a huge impact on Burke’s life, getting an achievement early on in life helps build momentum which can be carried on in the future to be able to get more achievements. Burke looks to do just that.

“Yes, it will still be a big part of my life. I will continue to keep playing soccer because hopefully more opportunities come from it,” the soccer player said. 

Even if soccer doesn’t work out, Burke will simply have a scholarship to help aid in him in whatever the future holds.

“Well obviously I am still going to work hard academically, just see where it takes me,” the senior said. 

Burke’s coach has appreciation for Burke as both a player and a person; he thinks very highly of Burke.

“Justin is a wonderful soccer player, he is very skillful and talented on the ball,” said Jeremy Davison, who is the head soccer coach of Burke’s team. “He is left footed and can strike the ball with lots of pace and accuracy. He is a fine young man and will make his parents proud.”

Davison was joyful when he heard the news that Burke had earned a scholarship from playing soccer.

“I was very happy for him and his family, they deserve every dollar. They have supported him since he was a little tike. He has dedicated a lot of time and energy into the game. The young players in our program will learn a lot from him. It is a long process and this opportunity does not come around often for high school soccer players. He has helped keep out program at a higher standard by adding to the total number of signed college players in the #DavisonEra,” said Davison.