Freshman basketball finishes their season undefeated


Girl’s freshman basketball recently finished up their season by remaining undefeated through the season.

Joshalin Harris was not expecting to have such a great season when the season started.

“I didn’t think the team would go undefeated, we were not as close and we were having some difficulties,” she said.

Abbigail Valero another player on the team was more optimistic during the start of the season.

“I was questioning whether or not we could go undefeated but I thought we could if we practiced,” Valero said.

Christina McInnis knew the team would need to work to improve and come together during the beginning of the season.

“The coaches did a really good job of helping us prepare for everything and made sure we understood what we were supposed to do,” McInnis said. “We needed to work on communication and making sure that everybody knew the plays and how to work together and they helped us through that.”

The season was not without its struggles, according to Valero and McInnis they had some close games.

“Some of the hardest games we had were the first time we played Westside and Shadow Creek. We had about the same skill level,” Valero said.

“Westside was hard,” added McInnis. “Especially when we went to westside because it was a different environment and it was early in the season, so we were not well drilled as a team yet.”

Harris felt that Tournaments also challenged the teams.

“Our hardest games were tournaments,” Harris said. They were out of the district and the opponents were more competitive than the in-district teams.”

As the season went on everyone on the team saw improvements from the beginning of the season.

“I think that I got a lot more confidant with everything over the season,” McInnis said. “We all kind of knew where we were supposed to be and how to work together, we did a really good job of making sure that everybody contributed to our points.”

Going undefeated is a very good way to start as a high school athlete and everyone was looking forward to continuing their success next season.

“I am thinking about playing next year and this is a big starting point for my high school career,” Harris said.

“I think it was a really good season, our team grew and everyone improved in their own way,” Valero added.

Kadee Harper, the team’s head coach, was very proud of her players and what they were able to accomplish.

“My freshman basketball tam was undefeated district champions this season,” Harper said. “We went 20-3 for the entire season and I am so very proud of them, they worked hard for their record.”