Outrage in Iran



A picture obtained by AFP outside Iran on September 21, 2022, shows Iranian demonstrators in the capital Tehran during a protest for Mahsa Amini.

Mojdeh Zare, Staff Writer

The Islamic Republic of Iran requires all women, regardless of their religion, to cover their hair with a hijab. On September 16, the “morality” police killed an innocent woman because she wasn’t wearing her hijab “properly.” 

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman was detained by police on Sept. 13. She fell into a coma for three days and later died due to injuries sustained while in custody.

Security footage was later released revealing Amini falling to the ground after suffering from a heart attack. This footage, however, had a time skip. Amini’s family has expressed that she never had any heart problems. The police keep denying any wrongdoings.

This is sadly nothing new to the people of Iran. Women have been suffering because they are not allowed to freely express themselves due to the strict dress code and regime implemented by the government. These are rules that, if not followed, will be accompanied by severe consequences from the police. 

After Amini’s passing, people were outraged and multiple protests broke out. People took to the streets chanting “Death to the Dictator” and even burned a police car. Students from the University of Tehran took action by taking part in the protests as well. 

Women all over social media have cut their hair to show their support for Iranian women. Additionally, many brave Iranian women have taken off their hijabs in front of the police, risking their lives. 

Following Amini’s death, more casualties occurred including that of Nika Shakarami, who was only sixteen years-old. Reports say that she was going home after protesting, however, disappeared after being chased down by Iranian police. Her phone and social media were disabled that night.

Eight days later, her family received a call regarding her body. Disgustingly, the police stole her body from the morgue when her family expressed that they wanted to bury her in the village. 

The police then proceeded to bury Shakarami in another village west of where her family intended for her. The family couldn’t retrieve the body again. Shakarami was only a teenager and her tragic death after such treatment is heartbreaking.

It is disgusting that women get beat up by the police over how they present themselves. It’s ironic how the “morality police” seem to have no morals or remorse. 

Before the revolution, Iranian women were free to express themselves however they wanted. The streets were safe for them. However, this new regime has restricted and oppressed them. People have had enough. It is time for a change. 

Amini was not the first and will not be the last person to suffer like this. Far too many women have been killed in the past for the same reasons and if a change is not made in Iran, more will continue to die.