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Alex Spills Her GUTS on Rodrigo
Alex Alamkan, Writer

Vampire - 4/10: She sounds very childish in this song. The style of the song sounds like a middle schooler wrote it or like Kidz Bop. I don’t like it. Logical...

Writing Editor Brooklyn Slie makes delicious hot chocolate cookies and white chocolate candy cane cookies.
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It’s the holiday season! For me, and many others, the holidays bring out a certain part of us that loves to bake and make the best sweet treats. Between...

Writing Editor and senior Brooklyn Slie concocts a salted caramel hot chocolate and peppermint mocha mudslide.
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Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Ingredients: ~ 2 cups of whole milk ~ 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder ~ 1/4 cup of granulated sugar ~ 1/4 cup of...

Many players on the football team share how theyve found success with the sport.
Unbelievable and Unstoppable
Mischa Wijesekera, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Hodge There is no doubt that the football team has had a successful season. Individual players like senior defensive end Andrew Hodge, who ended...

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What Broke the Box Office?
Ben Newman, Podcast Host

1. Past Lives dir. Celine Song If you’re frustrated with the number one spot going to a movie you might not have heard of then watch Past Lives and...

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Texans Tackle

The football team remains undefeated
Photo By: Trent Barnes
Senior Ethan “E” Davis runs for the touchdown and avoids being tackled.

It’s no surprise that our varsity football team is one of the best in the nation. Along with their great reputation on the field, they also have a strong bond of brother- hood off the field as well.

Varsity football is having a great season so far, with an undefeated season of 9-0. Every student and teacher in the program is ecstatic for their wins and determined to keep their streak. They’ve formed a strong bond over the past few years which is what’s keeping them persistent.

“The best part of it all is being with my brothers during practices and games while being able to wake up knowing I get to achieve my goal with them every day,” senior Jordan Reaves said.

It’s the chemistry as well as the bond of the team that both the teammates and coaches make a priority.

“Our overall goal is to help these young men to create a strong brotherhood and build up that team chemistry while also helping them with their character both academically, physically and mentally,” head varsity football coach Phillip Lindsey said.

Throughout the years, these players have been molded into the best versions of themselves. They have demonstrated greater maturity as well as leadership skills as a whole.

“This team has helped me become a better student and a better listener between people I interact with in my day-to-day life while being a great leader to my teammates,” senior Corwin Gaines said.

It’s the bond of the players that makes them so strong on the field. That alone makes a huge difference when it comes to increasing their performance on the field while also making amazing memories with one another.

“I have definitely made a lot of memories while being on this team but overall it’s the senior retreat, getting that brotherhood that’s going to last you a long time,” senior Tristen Brown said. “That’s the greatest memory I’ve ever had.”

This year’s varsity team is the biggest senior class in the history of the program. This team will have lots to look forward to in the coming years.

“I hope that we can continue being a family and make sure everybody works hard so that everyone can succeed,” senior Jadon Garza-Pender said. “Only time will tell what we can become afterwards.”

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