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Photo accessed on the Billboard websites. Published under fair use. No copyright infringement is intended.
Alex Spills Her GUTS on Rodrigo
Alex Alamkan, Writer

Vampire - 4/10: She sounds very childish in this song. The style of the song sounds like a middle schooler wrote it or like Kidz Bop. I don’t like it. Logical...

Writing Editor Brooklyn Slie makes delicious hot chocolate cookies and white chocolate candy cane cookies.
Must Have Holiday Treats
Brooklyn Slie, Writing Editor

It’s the holiday season! For me, and many others, the holidays bring out a certain part of us that loves to bake and make the best sweet treats. Between...

Writing Editor and senior Brooklyn Slie concocts a salted caramel hot chocolate and peppermint mocha mudslide.
How To: Make Holiday Treats
Elise Barnette, Writer

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Ingredients: ~ 2 cups of whole milk ~ 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder ~ 1/4 cup of granulated sugar ~ 1/4 cup of...

Many players on the football team share how theyve found success with the sport.
Unbelievable and Unstoppable
Mischa Wijesekera, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Hodge There is no doubt that the football team has had a successful season. Individual players like senior defensive end Andrew Hodge, who ended...

Photo accessed on the ELLE website. Published here under fair use. No copyright infringement is intended.
What Broke the Box Office?
Ben Newman, Podcast Host

1. Past Lives dir. Celine Song If you’re frustrated with the number one spot going to a movie you might not have heard of then watch Past Lives and...

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Dunkin’ v. Starbucks

Why you’re spending too much on Starbucks
Photo By: Mischa Wijesekera

This article might be the most controversial I’ve ever written. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll either agree with me and give me a pat on the back, or severely disagree with me and shake your head in disgust.

One of the biggest discussions you can have with a coffee lover is the debate over the best coffee place: Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. I’m about to provide points about why Dunkin’ is better than Starbucks and why you need to be a supporter of Dunkin’ instead of Starbucks.

I, like you, was once a Starbucks addict. Starbucks was always my go-to, I never went to Dunkin’ unless it was for donuts or breakfast. A friend of mine introduced me to the coffee and once I tried it, my mind was blown.

Here’s the thing – Starbucks’ coffee isn’t consistent. I’ll get a drink, and it’s amazing but then I’ll go another day to get the same drink and it tastes completely different. Granted, you could say this about any coffee place, but I’ve never had a bad experience with Dunkin’.

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is better than Starbucks coffee and I’ll stand by that forever.”

— Brooklyn Slie

There were so many occasions I went to Starbucks and the drinks weren’t great. Every time I’ve gone to Dunkin’ it’s perfect. I even ordered the same coffee I get at Dunkin’ at Starbucks and Dunkin’s was better – that alone should just prove that Starbucks is overrated.

The people who hate Dunkin’ haven’t tried it enough to know that it’s way better than Starbucks. I’ve heard people say that their coffee tastes watery and gross, but that’s simply not true, it’s amazing.

Also, Dunkin’ is so much cheaper than Starbucks. If you go to Starbucks and order a grande (medium) pumpkin spice latte, it’ll cost you $5.95. If you go to Dunkin’ and get a medium pumpkin spice latte, it’ll cost you $4.99.

Apart from Dunkin’ being cheaper in general, a medium sized coffee at Dunkin’ is the equivalent to a Starbucks venti (large). You’re basically getting two deals – a bigger coffee for almost two dollars cheaper.

If you drink coffee and vote for Starbucks over Dunkin’, I highly recommend you go to Dunkin’ and order a coffee so it can open your eyes to a new world of good coffee. Dunkin’ coffee is better than Starbucks coffee and I’ll stand by that forever.

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