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Football Tackles Districts

Football goes undefeated during districts
Photo By: Trent Barnes
Senior and wide receiver Tristen Brown gets ready to take off his helmet after a game.

Football high school districts are an important part of the high school football landscape. They are organized divisions that group schools together based on factors like location, enrollment size and competitive level. Being part of a district allows teams to have a regular schedule of games and compete for district championships.

Lamar has been first in districts since fall of 21-22. The competition is fueled by the desire to come out on top, highlight their abilities and advance to championships. 

“I’ve been playing all my life,” Braiden Thompson said. “Football is in my family so I got a reputation to uphold.”

Breaking records is not new for Lamar football players. Senior Tristen Brown broke the receiving record and has put on an excellent performance throughout his football career. 

“Breaking the receiving record feels good because who would’ve thought I’d be the one to do it,” Brown said. “It’s a dream come true. My ability to run a football is like none other. When I get the ball in my hands, I know what to do with it.”

A team is not truly a team without support from one another and motivation from their coach. They need to trust and support one another to build a strong bond to work towards their goals. The coach plays a crucial role in providing guidance, strategy and motivation to the team. 

“My coach motivated me on and off the field,” Brown said. “Sometimes he says things you don’t wanna hear but you have to hear it because it motivates you to do the best you can do.”

Sometimes players get injured, which makes it tough for both the player and the team. Other players must step up and take their place on the field. It’s a chance for them to display their skills and contribute to the team’s success. After a devestating moment when Marcus Turner got injured, sophomore Enrico Moore stepped up and took his place. Moore, a powerhouse on the field,  played 11 games this season and had a yard average of 38.7 per game.

“It felt great to step up for Marcus,” Moore said. “I was just waiting for my time to come and when he got injured I knew I had to step up. It feels great to know I helped the team and that I made a difference on the field.”

Most of these players have dedicated their whole lives to honing their football skills, whether that may be on or off the field. The outcomes of these games matter the most to them than to anyone else.

“I feel good about the team that we’ve had this past year,” Brown said. “Everyone is like brothers off the field too. Everyone has good chemistry and we play like brothers.”

Most of all, as an athlete, it is always important to keep your head up regardless of what challenges stand in the way.

“Just be strong and don’t listen to anyone,” Moore said. “Whatever you think you are capable of doing you probably can.”

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